General Questions

Is withdraw automatic?

Yes, our withdraw is automatic and instant.

My withdraw went to pending, why?

Sometimes withdraw can not be processed instantly due to our or payment processors's server error. In this case withdraw goes pending. We process the withdraw request manually within 3-8 hours.

What is your minimum withdraw amout?

You can withdraw any amount that exceeds the 0.001 Bitcoin.

What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is 0.001 Bitcoin.

What is the maximum deposit?

The maximum limit does not exist.

Which processor I can withdraw or deposit?

We accept only Bitcoin (BTC) and BitRevShares (REV).

Is BitRevShares legal?

YES it is legal. In order for any program to be legal, it is required to supply a service and/or product to you, the member! Here at BitRevShares, we sell traffic which is our basic product. All members that purchase ad packs will get Traffic exchange credits and guaranteed banner clicks.

Is my personal information protected with your company?

Any personal information that you provide to us are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.

What if didn’t find the answer to my question?

Please contact our support managers. You can find the contact details on the main page of the web-site and on the Support details page.